This site was once a Baseball Club. Yep a place for us hitters and sliders to gather and converse. After a severe injury, I was left off the field…and for good. This injury was not even from the sport I love, but rather a day that chose me to never walk again. Please don’t feel sorry for me. It was my fault. Maybe one day I will share. Until then I invite you to read, comment, agree, disagree with what I write.

As torn up as I was about the turn my life took, physically and mentally, I decided to turn my pity into writing. I love sports and fitness. I always thought learning a new sport would be awesome, but baseball was my passion and to take time from that, I just chose not to do. Baseball was my focus. Now that I can no longer be a “baller”, I’m choosing to explore sports a little differently. This site is a way for me to explore the many sports, both known and unknown, that I never did.

Read on folks! Be grateful for what you have and conscious of what you do. Life is sweet and can change instantly. Love yourself, love your family, love your friends. Be kind and be active.



Joe D.