In my previous blogs, I wrote a bit about different types of sports.  So this time I thought maybe I’d drift away from the usual for a while and write about something else.

So now, I’ve decided to write about three men in a bar. Yes, you read that right. Three Men a Bar. Actually, you can find these 3 men not only in a bar, but just about anywhere if you pay attention.  At this point, you’re a bit curious, wondering who these 3 men I’m talking about are, and what on earth have they got to do with sports. You’ll find out soon. First, let’s start looking for these folks, shall we?

Now, here we are, in our little imaginary bar, trying to look for our first gentleman. Right now, you’re trying to look for someone who most likely resembles a Greek God. Yes, someone slightly tall, muscular, with broad shoulders, and narrow hips. A good ‘V’ shaped body, someone who’s won the genetic lottery when it comes to having a great physique. This is your typical Mesomorph, aka, the hot bod!

These person usually has the ability to excel when it comes to strength, speed, as well as agility, making them the perfect candidate for almost any sport there is. They have low amounts of body fat and high muscle content, along with a fast metabolism. This dude finds it much easier to grow muscle than the other 2 men we’ll talk about shortly.

This person will probably excel at sports like bodybuilding (duh), and other sports that require both strength and endurance in varying amounts. Soccer, rugby, hockey, and boxing are a few other options that the Mesomorph has. Due to a well-built upper body, long distance endurance sports are probably not for him, although mid-distance racing sports like cycling and running are something the Mesomorph can excel at.

Next up, we’re looking for a guy who’s looking at the Mesomorph and the women surrounding him with envy. He’s the Endomorph. This guy looks like he’s been drinking and binge eating a lot. He’s the one with a round, pear shaped body. He’s got curves in all the wrong places. Round face, big hips, and an even bigger belly. He’s broad, but not side-to-side, as in broad shoulders. He’s broad from front-to-back, which is basically saying that he’s fat.

But don’t be fooled, he’s also probably stronger than you think he is. It’s no mystery that this person tends to store fat and put on weight very easily while he finds losing weight a little hard.

An Endomorph, due to his large frame, is suited for sports which use strength, instead of agility or speed. Something like powerlifting, or wrestling.

Now, we’ll try and look for our third and last man. Somehow, in my experience, this guy is more readily found than the Mesomorph or the Endomorph. In terms of physique, he’s not really got it as bad as the Mesomorph, but he’s not as muscular as the Mesomorph either. We’re talking about the Ectomorph. He’s lean, thin, doesn’t really have broad shoulders, and doesn’t have much muscle or fat. He looks like the sort of person who can eat as much as wants to without getting fat!

This guy has a fast metabolism rate, which means that he’s not going to put on weight easily. Unfortunately for him, building muscle will also be difficult.

The Ectomorph is very well suited for endurance sports, like running, swimming, gymnastics, or even soccer. If this person is quite tall, he could also be a great basketball player.

It’s important to note, that rarely will someone fit into a body-type perfectly. We’re all Endomorphs, Ectomorphs, and Mesomorphs to a varying degree. But, you can probably get an idea of which type of body you’re closest to, and maybe pick a sport accordingly.

Oops, the bar’s going to close now. See you next time!

PS – If the title of the blog sounds familiar to you, it’s probably because it’s similar to the famous book by Jerome.K.Jerome, Three Men in a Boat.