broken-glass-windowI am a baseball guy. Baseball was my game, and although I no longer play, I still watch it and occasionally coach it. I recently assisted in coaching a youth baseball camp out in Dallas. It was a great time and a learning experience, although one I should have learned by now.

This article is to educated you on probably what you already know……


Seems obvious, but sometimes you think you are far enough away, and well, you just aren’t. We all learned that all to well this last weekend. Let’s just say the swing on a few boys sent a few baseballs through a few windows, and left us a few hundred dollars poorer! It could have been much worse – someone could have been injured and it could have cost us a lot more. Thankfully Barry, from one of the window companies, was a baseball lover himself, and broke a few windows himself back in the day.

Now not only did we break one window, we broke 2!

What the heck, right?!

We were on a field, as we should have been, but the misfortune happened anyway. Sam was thrown a fast ball and swing batta batta swing, he nailed the ball out of the field, into someone’s backyard and through a kitchen window. Luckily no one got hurt. We called a very generous window company, Metroplex Windows and Glass, and they came out a fixed it up. Now what is so awesome and generous is that when it came time for the bill, they did not charge us! Seems crazy and hard to believe, but Barry (the owner) played many years of ball himself. He said he knew all to well about broken windows. Being it was a youth camp, he said this one is on me. We were stunned and very appreciative, so we just want to throw a large shout out to Barry, of Metroplex Windows and Glass, for his kindness….Thanks again man!

Now you would think that one broken window would be it. But no. Another one of our camp members accidentally hit ( a home run by the way) a car and shattered one of the back windows. I couldn’t believe it. Again thankfully no one was injured or hurt, but geez! This time we called another company that fixed auto windows. They were great too, but they didn’t play ball or offer up a zero bill, so we ate a few hundred dollars for the fix.

This second window really was a fluke. The angle that the ball hit the car was unreal. I would never have thought, but just goes to show the power of a good swing and a baseball.

The major message of this story is to be very aware and be careful. Luckily there were no injuries, but there could have been.

Broken windows from baseballs will happen, but overall caution must be had…take it from me!

Thanks again to Metroplex. The youth boys had an incredible weekend and they too learned that must be careful of windows!!