The 113th World Series is off to a competitive start.  With both the Houston Astros and the LA Dodgers taking a win, the series is now tied at the end of game two.  Although Astros manager Rick Hill is undoubtedly under scrutiny today for his removal of power pitcher Dave Roberts after only 60 pitches as well as pulling Brandon Morrow and Kenta Maeda early in the game, his risky tactics paid off.  Although it is known that the Astros tend to play better on their own turf in Houston they finished their bout in LA and will regain their home advantage this Friday at game 3 in Texas.  With the starting of the series in LA in 99 degree weather and reaching highs of 102, the heat was intense, but may have helped those fly balls!  In fact in 1955 a study done by Mark D. Kraft and Brent R. Skeeter proved to show thats fly balls travel and average of 16 ft. Further in temps 90 degrees or higher than they do in temperatures 50 degrees or lower.  

So now that we are in the 113th World Series to be played where did it all begin and what are some other interesting facts about this sporting event?

In 1956 Don Larsen of the New York Yankees pitched a “perfect” game with all of his 97 pitches.  That’s right as we all know a perfect game in baseball means a pitcher or pitchers do not let one batter from the opposing team get on a base.  The 1956 game is the only game in baseball history to be a perfect game.  With his 97 pitches he did NOT allow one batter from the Brooklyn Dodgers team of 27 on any base!  Talk about amazing!

Or what about the Chicago Cubs losing curse that was placed on them by Billy Sianis in 1945.  Billy was at the game against the Detroit Tigers in Chicago accompanied by his pet billy goat.  However his goat smelled so bad that he was kicked out of the game by officials.  In an outrage he declared that the Chicago Cubs would not win that game!  In fact the cubs did not win a game again until 2016 when they won the World Series and the curse finally ended.

Another cool fact about this sporting event is that there is only one athlete that has played in both the World Series and the Super Bowl!  That athlete is Deion Sanders who with his team the Atlanta Braves played in the 1992 World Series against the Toronto Blue Jays.  Then in 1995 he played and won the Super Bowl with his team the San Francisco 49ers and then again played in and won the Super Bowl in 1996 with the Dallas Cowboys!  Way to  go Deion!!!

Baseball is a great sport and has so many fun and interesting facts!   The World Series is also one of the greatest sporting events of all time and is enjoyed by many.  How will take the Series this year?  My money’s on the Houston Astros!