Possibly one of the greatest movies of all time was The Sandlot!  It made you long to be a kid again and live in the moment of summer with your best friends, playing outside all day and dealing with the instances that seemed like the biggest thing in the world.

All the characters in this beloved movie added a little bit of humor and spark to a  summer filled with Babe Ruth, older girls and baseball in the midst of junior high and middle school.  Centered around major league baseball and the passion that young boys seem to find it made you long to be part of a team and a group of friends so close.

  This being said, playing recreational baseball is one of the best community based sports and recreational activities that anyone can do.  Whether it’s a team of friends or a group of strangers who all signed up with one thing in common, the love of baseball, a fun time is sure to be had.

On our blog we will share different tidbits and baseball facts that we find interesting and fun.  We will also promote recreational baseball leagues throughout different towns and cities.  Should any of our readers or blog visitors want to share any information on baseball leagues in their area we encourage you to email or contact us.  

Our goal with this blog site is to get people involved in a community based baseball or softball league and have fun doing so.  When we can bring people and communities together you will also find lower crime rates and a better sense of neighborhood involvement for our children and our families.

Baseball is one of the greatest sports out there and is loved by many.  Whether you have children you want to get into little league or perhaps a son or daughter who would like to play for fun outside of school, or maybe you are looking for something for you and your spouse to do on the weekends finding a baseball league near you can fulfill all these desires.

Stay tuned and continue to visit our site to learn, have fun and promote baseball!